Space is very unpleasant place to be. Vacuum, coldness, space demons...

Find the portal that will take you home!

You need to do your best to RUN FROM SPACE

[We highly encourage you to give a try to the PC version, if it's possible! Impression from the game will be much better! 😉]

[[Post ludum dare version is in OUT NOW! Check it out! Avalible only on pc, till LD ends]]


You can reload only when you stand on the back ground. When you are grounded you also regenerate your health! Hook range is limited, and it's hard to shoot demons from great distances, so try to keep them close!


This is our first project on LudumDare and we are super excited about it, thanks for your comments and attention!

⭐Please-please-please rate our game if you liked it, it would be super great for us <3

Install instructions

Just unzip the archive for win build


Download 96 MB

Development log


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I love this game. It was alot of fun, but it wouldn't let me turn RIGHT. I could look up, down, and turn left, but NOT RIGHT. My only other problem is it would be great if you could press a button and make the grapple reel you in more quickly. Other than that, it was great.


I like this gameplay. Well done.


Thanks, pleased to hear! :)

girl u know I,I,I

Sorry, I'm not sure I've understood you completely


I like the concept, but The grapple hook is too fun for you to want to actually fight the enemies,  and I feel like if it were more combat based than it would be better, maybe you need you kill the enemies to advance, also because swinging and movement is the name of the game here, I feel ammo isn't needed. I would love to see this re imagined as a arena shooter, where you grapple around in the asteroids, killing waves of enemies.

Thanks for feedback!

Actually i'm working now to totally redo the gameplay core itself, and i think I'll try to get something like what you are saying




this game is sick! but you run out of ammo  to early


Thanks for comment!

Wait a bit, we are now preparing post-ludumDare version, gameplay will be much more tuned!




While my commentary might suggest that I had a lot of criticism for the game (I did) I had an absolute blast with this! The gunplay and reload mechanics were a little underwhelming, but the grapple swing was just pure fun! If the game were to focus more on movement and less on landing to shoot this could be a real indie gem!