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Not so long ago, in  a galaxy that isn't so far away a smuggler lived. He stole a cargo from really wrong people. And now, to get away from the chase, he will have to sacrifice the most valuable thing he has - his spaceship.

## THE GAME Disassemble useless parts of the ship into matter to shoot enemy spaceships and restore gaps in hull of the spacecraft. Turrets have limited range! If you can't hit an enemy try another turret!


spacebrawl1.02 - Fixed the bug with targeting in turret mode. Now the projectile hits the cross properly. Fixed the bug with inverted controls in turret mode.

## CONTROLS Left mouse button - to disintegrate part of the ship in matter.

Right mouse button - to recover the destroyed part of the ship.

Press "E" on turret console to enter turret mode.

Space to jump

Vladislav “sobakaduka” Paley - Untity Developer

Bogdan “Beliar” Andrushenko - Untity Developer

Alex “CaptainCorgistan” Strelyayev - Game design

Michael “MikeBull” Kuzmin  - Game design/GUI

Kamila “py_g” Grey - 3D Artist

Serhii “Shibamura” Lisetskyi - 3D Artist

Install instructions

You know what to do!  😼


spacebrawl1.02.zip 19 MB


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make it multiaplayer and this is gona be a hell of a fun game.

you should make the hand cannon  stuck to the camera in sted of stuck to the fps controller

Thanks for comment!

We deliberately wanted to add this bobbing behavior to the gun, so it's not a bug :)

no i mean when i look down the gun doesnt move down 

(2 edits) (+1)

shooting sounds is too loud - and turrets shoot not in crosshair!
But i have fun in this game : ]
and i like music

PS. its like ocean pirate which load cannon with every-day-items instead of cannonballs

Thanks! :)


I appreciate the very thorough install instructions!

Thanks for your kind words! 😼